Thursday, January 15

Healing Ways With Our Hands

Healing hands

Quite a few years ago I came across stories about a Hungarian medium called Estebany. He interested me because he was said to have healing powers, and these has been tested in various experiments. By 'chance' I stumbled upon him again, where he was described as a Hungarian refugee named Oskar Estebany.

One of the experiments with Estebany was with mice, which were given small skin wounds. He held the injured mice in his cupped hands for twenty minutes at a time, twice a day.

As a comparison, students handled another group of mice for the same length of time, and a third group of mice were not handled at all.

The group of mice held by Estebany healed significantly faster than the other groups.

He also undertook experiments with plants. Barley seeds were soaked in salty water to weaken them, then baked gently for long enough to injure them further. When the seeds were planted, it was found that those which had been soaked in salt water from a bottle which had been handled by Estebany grew much more vigorously than the other plants.

If a healer could stimulate growth, it was wondered if some people might have the reverse effect.

The experiment was repeated with a psychologically normal person and two patients suffering from depression handling the bottles. Seeds soaked in water from the bottles held by the depressed patients grew poorly, compared to the other seeds.

It was also found that if Estebany place his hands on hospitalised patients it would increase their red blood cell count.

Many similar experiments are often said to have succeeded because of suggestion or the placebo effect, but this doesn't appear to have been the case with Estebany.

After I had read about Estebany again I thought I would do a simple experiment on myself. For some reason a wart had started to grow on the knuckle of my right hand. It had been there for several months, I decided to rub it with a finger from my left hand every night before going to bed. As I was doing so I told the wart to go away.

Within four days the wart had completely disappeared and hasn't returned, there is no scar or mark left on my knuckle.

Makes you wonder the powers we may have within ourselves.

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  1. Mike, I'd say with that wart you've had a break-through to something powerful that's available.

    My thoughts, at this time:
    I'd say we have great power available to us. By the mercy of a Higher Power, some never perceive it. Yet by the grace of a Higher Power, there are those that do, and use it for good, and the HP''s glory.

    In a Biblical sense, I might reference Proverbs 3:6, where it states: "In all they ways, acknowledge him (HP), and he (HP) will direct your paths." Since "he" is good - and we choose the good - we choose him. ~ as I said, my thoughts at this time.

    Thanks and I'm glad you "talked" that wart off! That's a good thing.(smile)

    1. Thank you for that Dixie. Interesting about a Higher Power, but I guess we have to ask to receive.

  2. My husband has done that wart thing, too, on our daughter when she was young. Intention and focus!

    1. I've heard many tales about warts being cured. There was one doctor who bought them from children. He'd give them a few coins and the warts would disappear.

  3. Odd that these things appear to work. The power of the mind. I often wonder what would happen if we could access the rest of our brains.

    1. I feel sure that mankind has much more to learn and powers to find.