Thursday, January 22

Young Woman And Her Dog See Grandfather's Spirit

Collie cross dog

An experience today from Margaret about how she and her dog saw her dead grandfather. At the time she was single and living at home with her mother.

"On the afternoon of his death, I suddenly had a feeling that he was gone. As I was leaving the house to visit him the phone rang. It was my sister calling to inform me that grandfather had died. I told her I already knew and was on my way to catch the bus.

At the time I had a dog called Lady. She was half-shepherd and half-collie. She was strictly my dog. She was a wonderful watchdog and always preferred to sleep outside on the front porch. No one could come into the yard without Lady alerting us by barking.

That night she howled like a banshee. I 'saw' my grandfather walk across our lawn, through the walls of the house, and come to stand in my bedroom doorway.

I felt no fear. Just warmth and love. He simply said, "Babe, be a good girl." Lady quit barking and grandfather went away. Then he came again and the same statement was repeated.

After this second visit, my mother brought Lady into my room and she crawled under my bed. Then grandfather came for a third time. Lady whimpered and fussed.

At this time I told grandfather that I would call mother so he could talk to her too. He said that she could not see him and that he would have to leave now. He did.

Lady was quiet the rest of the night. There was a phosphorescent substance that completely encircled grandfather each time I saw him.

I have never seen grandfather again since then."

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  1. Fascinating story! I think animals see a lot of things that we don't. This "shared" experience with the dog seems to have been a validation for Margaret.