Friday, February 27

Glimpses Of Cornwall

Truro River, Cornwall

More glimpses of Cornwall today. Above is the Truro River and on a cloudy late afternoon. And below the tide is out on a grey-day at Pentewan Beach leaving the green cladded rocks exposed.

Pentewan, Cornwall

Menabilly, Cornwall
Menabilly, Cornwall - Du Maurier Country"
The ponies below roam free on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall often gathering together in groups - some can get quite frisky!

Ponies on Bodmin Moor

And finally part of the Cornwall section of the South-West Coast Path. I took this photo from Gribbin Head. A lovely place for walkers.

Cornwall coastline

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  1. I would love to see this wonderful place. You know it's funny, but when I looked at the first photo... it seems the dark cloud is a hand, reaching for a cup (white cloud) of sunshine.

    I've often watched wild horses at the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. These ponies of Cornwall, are very pretty.

    These are some of the prettiest photos from England I've ever seen.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I see what you mean about the hand reaching out - you have a more artistic eye then I have.

  2. So,when are you going to gather these photos into a book for us armchair travelers that can't afford the air-fare over ?

    1. Thanks Darren - one day perhaps ...

  3. Or how about the "Cornwall Calendar for the Wall" ?
    Kill two birds with one stone and and sell them with a charity organization from Cornwall,but sell them over the world wide web,so people from the other side of the world can buy them and show off your part of the world on there walls.

    1. Ah, a second comment! A calendar is a good idea, Darren. Food for thought - thanks.