Thursday, February 26

More Postcard Coincidences

Brighton postcard
Brighton Postcard
A couple of days ago my post was about a postcard coincidence. Here's two more! The first I had via Google+

Mike, I had a postcard coincidence which was very strange. I was looking after a friend's house while he was away on holiday. One of the things I did was to pick up his post and put it onto the kitchen table for when he returned.

One day there was a postcard amongst his mail. I know I shouldn't have, but I read the back of the card and noticed it was from a Rob Johnson, which just happens to be my name! A coincidence, but there was more as the photo on the other side of the card was of Brighton where I was born. I now live in Manchester.

~ Rob

The next one I got from an old newspaper, but I didn't make a note of the details.

"Times Realty editor Doug Doubleday bought a picture postcard of the Kalamazoo, Mich, County courthouse to send while on vacation. Taking a good look at the postcard he was surprised to discover that the man in the foreground was his own dad!"

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  1. These postcard synchros are great. I'm always struck by the odds!

  2. Those are both fun! I love finding an old postcard anywhere with my birthdate as a postmark. I think that collecting those that are coincidental would make a wonderful collection.

    1. Thanks Ann, never thought about collecting birth date postcards - that's a good idea!