Wednesday, March 18

The George Washington And The German Emperor Coincidence

Wilhelm II propaganda
Propaganda against Wilhelm II
I'm digging in the archives again today and have come up with a coincidence story, first reported in 1905.

In February of 1905 at the observance of George Washington's birthday by the University of Pennsylvania they were conferring the degree of doctor of laws upon the emperor of Germany [Wilhelm II]. At the same time they conferring the same degree upon the then current president of the United States.

Now to quote from the Daily Star of Feb 18, 1905:

It is a noteworthy historical coincidence that the degree which President Roosevelt will receive on Washington's birthday was conferred by the university upon George Washington on Independence Day, 1783 - the year in which the Revolutionary War ended.

This historical coincidence having been brought to the attention of the German emperor, his majesty cabled, through Ambassador Tower, his acceptance of the degree of doctor of laws.

Wilhelm II
Wilhelm II or William II - the last German emperor
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  1. Good one! Now, how DID this kind of thing occur??