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Synchronicity In The Air In Cornwall

RAF Davidstow Moor Memorial Museum
RAF Davidstow Moor Memorial Museum
Here's a story from 67 Not Out reader Billhook. He mentions two previous posts: The Magic Of King Arthur And Tintagel Castle Cornwall and Coincidence Of The Two Flying Fortress Airmen From Ludington - you will see how these fit into his story.

"Just read your thread on Cornwall and the bit about King Arthur's Castle. Before that I had been reading the story of the two Flying Fortress Airmen and their synchronicity.

My mother was a Wren at Treligga [in Cornwall] where she was marking targets for Typhoons as they practised rocket firing. Father was in Coastal Command at Davidstow Moor [also in Cornwall] flying Warwicks and they met in the bar at King Arthur's Castle hotel.

Mother always tells the story of how one misty day a Flying Fortress came to the airfield at Treligga with its wheels down to attempt a landing. Really the grass strip was only a 500 yard emergency landing field for the Typhoons in case anything went wrong with the rocket tests.

The leading Wren went out with a Very light to ward him off but the plane landed, quite easily I believe as it was a tail dragger. The Wrens went out to greet the plane but the American crew aimed their guns at them as they thought they had landed in France!

The next day they took every bit of excess weight off the plane, guns ammo,bombs and flew with just a pilot and navigator. There was a holding of breath when it disappeared over the cliff and a sigh of relief when it climbed into view again.

Exactly the same thing happened with another lost Fortress on the same day a year later.

Mother still has the newspaper cutting.

I went to visit some friends in Rock [Cornwall] last summer and we thought we would go and have a look at father's old base at my great surprise there is a museum there and there is a hangar dedicated to the Wrens of Treligga and on the wall is a picture of my mother aged 17 loading a volunteer on a stretcher into an ambulance!

A lot of synchronicity in the air around there I think!"

My thanks to Billhook.

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  1. Most of your posts just leave me astounded, Mike.

    1. Thanks Dixie - life is pretty astounding!

  2. Wow! This story is amazing! How eerie it must have been to have seen that photo of his mother in the museum!

    1. Seeing the photo like that is, well, it's like it was meant to be.