Tuesday, July 14

Happy Birthday Coincidences!

Vintage photo of a cat's birthday
Vintage Photo - 1914/15
I'm in birthday mode while writing this on July 13th as it's my grandson's 5th birthday. So here's a couple of quick birthday coincidences for today. The cutting is from the Reading Eagle

Janesville, Wis. The United States summary of vital statistics says it can't happen - but it has!

Louis Felder knows that you can have three children - not triplets - all born on the same day.

Her three children, aged 10, 7 and eight months, were all born on November 10th. According to the US government experts this is barely possible: the odds being estimated at one in 28,000,000. Mrs Felder, a union official, is said to be flattered but takes the feat in stride - guess she doesn't have much choice!

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  1. Mike Perry, I always enjoy reading what you find interesting. Mostly because it is! : )

    1. Thank you Margaret.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, astonishing. Makes me wonder with there's a happy celebration around 9 months before the 10th of November??

  3. Shadow has it right, I think! Amazing odds! And happy birthday to your grandson!