Friday, July 10

Positive Thinking Creates An Aluminium Ladder!

A 20 foot aluminium ladder by positive thinking

The power of positive thinking or visualisation - does it work? Here's a story which illustrates that it does. Though many will simply write it off as a 'coincidence'.

Pete Leeder had been doing some outside work on his house and realised he needed a ladder, preferably a 20 foot aluminium ladder.

Although he had most tools in his well stocked workshop, the one thing he didn't have was a 20 foot aluminium ladder. Neither did any of his near neighbours. So he drove to the local hardware store - and no, they didn't have one either.

At that point, Leeder decided to utilise the old psychic powers of the mind and zero in on the subject of ladders and his need and desire for one. Meanwhile, from the hardware store, he drove to meet his wife where she worked. During this drive he was thinking about how he could secure the ladder to the car once he had 'achieved' one.

He remembered there were some heavy ropes in the car trunk so he figured he would tie them to the ladder and then run the ends through the open windows of the car and tie them securely inside. Working on this problem kept his mind constantly on the subject of the ladder need.

Having collected his wife, Leeder now began his drive home but, instead of going the usual way, found himself taking a different route entirely. Part of the route was along a road where there were few houses and little development, so consequently there were few pedestrians and hardly any traffic.

Only two people were walking along that particular stretch of road, and they happened to be boys about 12. Between them they were carrying a ladder, a 20 foot aluminium ladder!

To his wife's surprise, Leeder pulled up alongside them and asked them where they were going.

"We've got a treehouse in the ravine down there," said one. "This is going to be part of the structure.".

"Is it your ladder?" asked Leeder..

"Sure it is," replied the boy. "My pop's in construction but he could've been killed the other day when his metal ladder went near some overhead cables. He got himself a new wooden one and said we could have this one.".

"Want to sell it?" asked Leeder..

"How much?" responded the boy.

"Ten bucks," said Leeder..

"Done," said the boy..

Leeder handed over the money, went to the trunk, got out the heavy rope and put his prepared ladder-tying-up plan into action. It worked. The boys happily pocketed the windfall and Leeder drove home with his ladder..

All in all his positive thinking resulted in fulfilment in just 45 minutes.

I know many ridicule visualisation and positive thinking, or whatever you want to call it but it does work - even for finding a car parking space! See my post How To Get A Car Parking Space Using Coincidences. If you can create a parking space then why not, well anything!

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  1. Totally cool, gonna do this too

  2. Great story! This stuff definitely works!!