Wednesday, July 15

Partners Killed At Same Time LInked By A Series Of Coincidences

Pennsylvania car 1915
Vintage car 1915
I'm stepping back in time today to January of 1915. It seems there have been coincidences since the beginning of time. You could say, of course, that it's a massive coincidence that any of us are alive today - but that's a whole different theme to today's story.

Pennsylvania: Partners in life, by a curious coincidence, two men died violent deaths upon the same day and at the same hour. Following out the coincidence their executors took out papers of administration within minutes of each other, and the letters were recorded upon opposite sheets of the county bond book.

Samuel Hyslop, a blacksmith of Castle Shannon, shot himself Friday night, dying almost instantly. At the same time his partner, Harry Augenstein boarded a Charleroi car, from which he changed to a Washington car. A sudden lurch of the car plunged him to the ground, killing him instantly.

Edward Augenstein, a brother, through Attorney JW Kraus, visited the register's office and took out papers of administration on Harry Augenstein's estate of $3,000. A few minutes earlier Thomas Laird, of Castle Shannon, administration for Hyslop, took out letters for an estate of the same size. Both men were the same age.

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  1. Very strange! You have to wonder at how at quickly their estates were claimed!