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Knitting Found In His Car Made Wife Think He Was Having An Affair

Sexy knitting

I've published a couple of stories about people driving a car belonging to someone else by mistake. Here's another such experience I saw in yesterday's Daily Mail. In my own words:

In the 1960s Dennis Rutter was issued with a new company car - a blue mini. On that same evening he drove his wife to see her friend in his new car. After dropping her off he parked his car at a public house, where he met up with a couple of friends.

After two shandies he left the pub to pick up his wife, about 13 miles away. On the journey home his wife accused him of seeing another woman! Shocked he asked, "What makes you say that?"

His wife told him that in the glove compartment there was some knitting which wasn't there before.

Dennis jokingly said that if he had been out with another woman she certainly wouldn't have brought her knitting with her!

The rest of the drive home was icy quiet.

On arriving at their home there was a police car parked. A policeman got out and asked Dennis what his registration number was. He replied that he couldn't remember, as it was the first day he'd had the vehicle.

The policeman told him the car was a stolen vehicle!

His wife started crying and his father, who was at the house, started telling the policeman how honest his son was and how he would never steal a car.

Once everyone had calmed down, the policeman explained that Dennis's car was still at the pub!

The police had found out where he lived, as the owner of an identical mini worked at the tax office and was able to find out who the owner of the car was. Dennis's employer had then been contacted and confirmed that he was the driver, and gave the police his address.

As Dennis was insured to drive any car he was allowed to drive the mini he had, and swap it with it's rightful owner - who could not get into Dennis's car.

The two drivers met up and had a laugh about the mistake. The cars were identical and ignition keys often worked in more than one car in days gone by.

Dennis eventually arrived home in the correct car - and without any knitting in the glove compartment.

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  1. These car stories are so odd!

  2. I read somewhere that every fifth key is identical to a previous key.