Wednesday, June 17

Identical Cars Coincidence

Identical cars

This is a true coincidence story from a while back, I don't think it could happen today with modern car keys.

Chicago: Albert Winter and Albert Dillon were strangers. They ate dinner at separate tables in the same restaurant.

Winter left first, got into a parked sedan, drove home and went to bed.

Dillon also got into a parked sedan, started for home but detoured to police headquarters.

"It's the same make, same model, same year, same colour and my keys fit it, but it's not my car," he reported,

Police traced the licence to Winter, who went down to headquarters - and the men exchanged cars.

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  1. I thought I'd add this comment which was left for me on Google+ by Emily M:

    I had a brand new light blue Mazda 323 in 1992. I had parked it at a store parking lot and then later returned to it. After unlocking the light blue Mazda 323, I put the key in the ignition, and started it. I turned to back out and noticed things in the back seat that weren't mine. I then saw more subtle differences in the front seat and quickly got out of the car. Then I noticed my car nearby. I was in disbelief that I could start another car with my key. When I got home, I called the dealership and told them what happened. Their reply was that every 5th car or so, the manufacturer makes the same key lock combo. 

  2. I've embarrassed myself by trying to use my key in someone else's car. I had no idea that key could work multiple cars. That probably isn't possible with the new models. I hope.

    1. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case today. Might have been with your VW Beetle though!

  3. What a weird synchro! And the two men had the same first name! We have 3 Mazdas in our family. That's a strange experience Emily had!