Saturday, June 20

Driving The Wrong Car By Mistake Coincidence

 Mustang convertible

A couple of days ago I published a post about a mix up with Identical Cars Coincidence. Here's a similar story from The Hour publication.

Eileen Maslowski from Wisconsin, was sure that the white Mustang convertible she drove home from church was hers. The key even fit.

But not so, said Mary Rhomberg. She has a similar car. Both cars have red, white and gray intereiors. They were parked within three cars of each other one Saturday night on the lot at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.

Maslowski's car is a 1989 model with a black top, and Mary Rhomberg's is a 1990 model with a white top. But the tops were down and that's how the mix up occurred.

"I came out of Mass, got in my car and I thought someone had been fooling around with it because the seat was back," Maslowski said, She fixed the seat and drove home.

Rhomberg searched for her car. She said she tried her key on Maslowski's Mustang, but it didn't work. "I knew it wasn't my car," she said.

Rhomberg called the police and the puzzle began to fall together.

"We laughed about it. I was an innocent mistake," Rhomberg said. "My husband was a little anxious because he bought it for me for a surprise wedding anniversary present last year. I'm glad it had a happy ending."

A Ford spokesman said the company hears similar coincidences from time to time.

Also Emily M left me her similar story on a Google+ comment:

"I had a brand new light blue Mazda 323 in 1992. I had parked it at a store parking lot and then later returned to it. After unlocking the light blue Mazda 323, I put the key in the ignition, and started it. I turned to back out and noticed things on the back seat that weren't mine. I then saw more subtle differences in the front seat and quickly got out of the car. Then I noticed my car nearby. I was in disbelief that I could start another car with my key. When I got home, I called the dealership and told them what happened. Their reply was that every 5th car or so, the manufacturer makes the same key lock combo."

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  1. These car coincidence synchros are totally bizarre!

  2. And until you started posting them, Mike, I don't think I'd ever heard this type of synchro before.

  3. I've heard of this before but it's not good that they use the same locks even if spaced out.