Saturday, July 18

Meeting At The Eiffel Tower By Coincidence

Eiffel Tower 1888 under construction
Eiffel Tower under construction 1888
This continues the theme of people meeting up by coincidence or synchronicity from yesterday's post.

Sue Chapman was waiting near the Eiffel Tower in Paris while her French class students toured the famous landmark.

Meanwhile Gary Rupp had already been to the top of the tower. He got into the elevator for the return trip down. As he got off the elevator, the teacher noticed him.

"Sue saw it was her brother. She couldn't believe it," said their mother, Eileen Rupp.

Sue, a teacher in Vermillion, was in Paris on a tour with her class. Gary, who works for a large motor company, was in Paris following his business trip to Germany.

"Sue and Gary only get to see each other once or twice a year. It was so neat that they happened to see each other at the Eiffel Tower in Paris of all places," Eilen said.

Neither Sue nor Gary knew the other would have been in Paris at that time.

Source:Toledo Blade.

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  1. A good one, Mike! These stories always seem to involve huge odds!