Friday, July 17

The Coincidence Of Meeting Someone Many Miles From Home

Hamton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace
We were out walking yesterday - nothing unusual there - but we met an old neighbour of ours from six or seven years ago. They had moved on to fresh pastures.

Afterwards, as we continued on our way, my wife and I both said to each other, "Do you remember ... ?"

What we had both recalled was a time those neighbours were living close to us, but we hadn't seen them for maybe seven or eight weeks.

This happens, not seeing someone, but at the time we took a visit to London, about 300 miles from where we live. While there we had a trip out to visit Hampton Court Palace - and who should we bump into, while walking round - those very neighbours we hadn't seen for seven or eight weeks.

Some will say that such meetings are for a reason. Perhaps we have some sort of information or message for that person or persons we meet, or vice versa. Or maybe it will alter the relationship in some way between those meeting up. Or you might simply put it down to a coincidence.

Either way here's another such story from Jenny.

In 2012 I was visiting London, around 9000 miles from my home in Australia. I was doing the tourist sites and was in Trafalgar Square. It was a lovely sunny day so the square was packed with visitors. I then heard a voice calling my name. I turned round and it was a friend from Australia whom I hadn't seen for several months. Neither of us knew that the other was visiting England.

If my friend hadn't have called out my name I would, of course, never have noticed her. We agreed a date when to next meet up back in Australia as she was travelling on to Paris the next day.

It is a small world.

~ Jenny

Sometimes you wonder if something out there is pulling the strings ...

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  1. When we lived in NC, USA, Hubby drove to Florida to collect his kids who were visiting from England. On the way down he passed a car being driven by a work colleague from several years ago. They both stopped at the next rest stop and chatted. The following day, he returned from Florida and half way home, who should he see, but these same ex colleagues.on the road. This time they waved but nobody stopped.

  2. It is rather weird how one meets up with someone from home, far away from home. Some kind of magnet that pulls like together in a strange place? This has happened to me before.

  3. I too have had similar experiences. This is what I wrote in a paranormal magazine, 'However Improbable', published by a local East Anglian group in 1996. I was living just outside King's Lynn at the time. The Greek experience happened in summer 1977.


    This summer I went with my family on holiday to northern England. Just before we left, my nine-year old daughter learned from her best friend, who lives in our village, that she was going to Scotland to see her grandmother at about the same time.

    During a visit to Carlisle, we went into the railway station to see how far we would have to go down the line to cross the Ribblehead Viaduct. While standing at the enquiry point, I became aware that my daughter was talking to another little girl. It was her best friend, with mother and grandmother in tow. The chances of bumping into them so far away from home seemed remote, and we were all somewhat astonished.

    Later that week we drove to Dumfries for the day. On our return home from our holiday, the first thing I did was retrieve the goldfish from our next door neighbour. She asked where we had been, and when I mentioned Dumfries she looked surprised and said that she and her husband were going there on holiday the following morning.

    The only experience I have had similar to the one in Carlisle was when I was a college student and hitch-hiked to Greece with a friend. We were in Yugoslavia and had been dropped off away from the best route, and were walking to rejoin it. Suddenly we saw a couple standing by the side of the road. Approaching, we found that they were people we knew from our college. They too were hitching to Greece, and had been dropped off just hundreds of yards from us. Again, the chances of meeting them, or indeed anybody that either of us knew, and not even on the main Zagreb-Belgrade road, seemed vanishingly slim.

    Given that it was unlikely that any of these episodes had a paranormal component, the inference is that one must be cautious in attributing such an explanation to an occurrence. Very unlikely events can occur just by chance, and however remarkable they seem, they have no significance. Investigators should be careful not to read more into a phenomenon than the situation warrants merely because it is unusual.

    If everybody we know is taken into account, and the conditions of meeting are not specified in advance, there is a good chance that at some point we will meet one of them somewhere. If, as it is said, one could stand at Piccadilly Circus and eventually see everybody one knows, why should it be so surprising to meet one of them at Carlisle, or on a road in southern Europe?

  4. I think these types of encounters are what synchronicity is about and are very significant. What are the odds? I take these types of encounters as a signal that the people involved are in the flow, psychically open.