Tuesday, July 28

Same Name Families Coincidence

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Two families with surnames Goossens, but unknown to each other, emigrated from Belgium to Australia at different times.

One of the fathers, Eugene Goosens, liked his new country and became the conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. He had a daughter, Renee, who was also very musical.

The father of the other Goosens family became the first professor of singing to be appointed to the Sydney Conservatorium. His daughter was also called Renee and, again, was very musical. She later was also appointed to the very same position as her father.

So we have two families with the same surnames, with very similar qualities and daughters with identical names - quite a coincidence. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the fathers were both called Eugene!

Source: The Age - Oct 23, 1951

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  1. Eugene Goosens ended up vilified and disgraced by the puritanical government of the day. He was an associate of Rosaleen Norton, a VERY gifted psychic known as 'The Witch of Kings Cross', and establishment figures came after him with hammer and tongs as a result.

  2. Great synchro! Interesting info from new illuminati, too.