Tuesday, August 4

Coincidence Leads To Twins Reunion

Things come in pairs

Robert Shafran, a new student, was puzzled when he arrived at Sullivan County Community College and was greeted by men who patted him on the back and women who hugged and kissed him.

"Hi, Eddy," they said.

"I'm not Eddy," Shafran replied. He was startled when one woman did not believe him and told him of a birthmark on his body!

Shafran found Eddy, with the help of Michael Domnitz, who saw an uncanny resemblance between Shafran and Eddy Galland, a former student at the school.

With Domitz' encouragement, Shafran called Galland.

"Eddy," Shafran recalled saying, "My name is Bob Shafran. You won't believe this, but I think you're my twin brother.

The two traded statistics. They were born within 27 minutes of each other on July 12th at Long Island Jewish Hospital Medical Center; both were adopted through the same agency within  six months after birth; both were 5 foot 9"; and both had brown eyes and curly brown hair.

Shafran and Domnitz went to Galland's home, where Shafran and Galland stared at each other and scratched their heads and in unison said, "Oh, my God!"

They spent the next three days recalling their lives. There was one difference between them Galland is right handed and Shafran is left handed (so perhaps they are mirror twins).

Neither knows who his biological mother and father are. Galland told the Lawrence Journal, "I think the whole thing is beautiful, but it's also a little spooky to know there is somebody exactly like you.

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  1. What were the odds on these two finding each other? Wow. I love these stories.

  2. There's more to the story - they were, in fact, not twins, but triplets. The third brother found them after their story was featured on TV.

    1. Many thanks for this information and the link in the comment below. Living in England I had never heard the story previously. Interesting!

  3. Here is a link to the complete story http://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/separated-at-birth-these-twins-also-found-each-other-1.876906