Thursday, August 6

The Twins Reunion Became A Triplet Reunion

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Further to my previous post Coincidence Leads To Twins Reunion there is more to this story than I first thought. Several people contacted me about this. It appears that the coincidence is well known on the US and has been reported on television. Peter Shafran directed me to more information.

After the two 'twins' Robert Shafran and Eddy Galland re-united this made headlines in some newspapers. So much so that a David Kellman, a student at Queens College, contacted Shafran and Galland telling them that he also looked very much like them. This became quite a story as this had now become a reuniting of triplets.

According to Newsday the triplets had a natural sense of humour and started making the television talk-show rounds 'and even landed bit parts in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan' and on the TV show, Cheers.

Sadly though 'the laugh track went silent in 1995, when Galland committed suicide at his Maplewood, N.J., home.'

My thanks to all, mostly through Google+, who got in touch with me about the story.

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  1. Wow, triplets?! I wonder why Galland committed suicide? Strange, after having met his siblings.

    1. Haven't been able to find out.