Wednesday, August 12

Unusual Coincidences

Unusual Coincidence
The Evening Independent Dec 7, 1916
The Sydney Morning Herald Apr 8, 1931
* Mrs Vernon C. Capo of Cortez became the mother of twin boys on Thursday.

* Mrs Capo has a twin sister.

* Her husband has twin brothers.

* The nurse who attended the birth has twin boys.

* The doctor involved in the birth has a twin brother.

* Then on top of this the man who reported the story to the newspaper has twin sons.
 Source: Gettysburg Times: Oct 21, 1932

Above are a few coincidences from my clippings file. More substantial coincidence stories may be found here: 10 Coincidence and Synchronicity Stories

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  1. You have the most unusual clippings! It's so interesting that newspapers actually wrote about coincidence!