Tuesday, August 11

Battle Of Gettysburg Coincidence

Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg
Turning back the clock today to a July, 1913 news item.

As per the Gettysburg Times: "A remarkable coincidence was the meeting of two men with exactly the same name, but, in different states, one of whom fought on the Union side in the Battle of Gettysburg, and the other with the Confederates.

"These two men are John Carson of Burlington N.J, and John Carson of Burlington N.C. How they come to meet was by the merest chance.

"The Jersey Carson was walking along one of the streets, and saw a man in grey. Just to be friendly, the Jersey man stopped him and gave a greeting. It was not until they had talked for several minutes that they discovered that their names were identical, as well as the name of their towns. They were so tickled with the coincidence that they walked together, for a mile in the broiling sun, to tell the press their story."

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  1. These stories are always fascinating and beg the question: what are the odds?

  2. Anonymous20:14

    Huh, weird!!

    1. Definitely weird - but things like this happen over and over.