Tuesday, April 10

Titanic Pictures, Posts And Stories

Photo of Titanic sailing from Southampton

As we approach the sinking of the Titanic anniversary the media has been full of all sorts of bits and pieces, including a new television series on UK television. So I thought I'd throw in my pennyworth with a list of some of the Titanic posts which have been published on 67 Not Out. Some of these show a different angle to what is in the mainstream news.

Also Titanic pictures. The first two shown on this post you may not have seen previously. They both show the Titanic at sea, as it sailed from Southampton on the 10th of April 1912, only to hit the iceberg on the 15th of April.

Titanic Posts on 67 Not Out

Titanic Coincidences

The Gun That Helped Sink The Titanic

The Titanic Boarding Pass Coincidence

The Costa Concordia Coincidences With The Titanic

Position Of The Sun And Moon Caused Titanic To Sink

Picture of Titanic at sea on April 15 2012

The photo below shows the bow of the Titanic underwater, taken in 2004.

Photo of Titanic wreck underwater

Next it a painting from 1912 depicting the sinking of the Titanic by Willy Stower.

1912 painting of the Titanic sinking by Willy Stower

The public demanded to know what caused the Titanic's sinking, as this original cartoon shows. It was titled 'The Margin of Safety Is Too Narrow!' The man holding the newspaper represents the public and he is banging on the 'Public Service" desk belonging to a man representing 'The Companies'.

Titanic cartoon from 1912

The Titanic side plan from 1911:

Titanic side plan from 1911

And finally the famous Titanic's Grand Staircase taken from a White Star Line publication: 'White Line Triple Screw Steamers'

Titanic staircase from White Star booklet

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  1. That staircase looks very much like the rendition in the James Cameron movie!

    1. Sure does! I did this post mainly for the benefit of Google.

  2. It's a fascinating saga. I was reading something that said it wasn't the Titanic that sank but it was her sister ship Olympic, supposedly sunk for the insurance and to get rid of some Americans who were opposed to the Federal Reserve being created. Another conspiracy theory.

    1. I've heard this theory as well. Olympic was damaged in an accident and, as it was virtually the captain's fault, the owners had to pay for the big repair bill plus the damage to the other ship involved. The Olympic and Titanic (which were virtually identical) were then swapped over so that insurance could be claimed on a pre-planned 'Titanic' sinking. It's an interesting conspiracy.