Monday, October 26

Do You Know Larry Coincidence

Do you know Larry?

Today's coincidence story is from PeachyLogic.

I moved to Youngstown, OH after my husband and I got out of the Army. My husband is Italian and had an unusual last name and many times in Youngstown (when I wrote a check, or was introduced to someone) I would be asked, "Oh, do you know Larry?" who was, in fact my husband's cousin. He was also pretty popular considering how many times I was asked that question!

I flew home to see my sister in Sacramento, CA about a year after I moved to Youngstown, OH. We were outside in her front yard when her next door neighbours pulled into their driveway. She called them over and introduced me.

Immediately the husband said, "Oh, do you know Larry?" I remember actually feeling dizzy and faint I was so shocked. It turned out that this man had lived in Youngstown years before and knew my husband's cousin!

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