Thursday, October 15

Free Beethoven Music By Coincidence


Here's another coincidence story, though not my own. This one is from parapsychologist Alan Vaughan.

While Alan was a student he wanted to posses the nine Beethoven symphonies, which had recently been released as a deluxe box set of records by the N.B.C. Orchestra. Being a student he couldn't afford the record set.

At the time, to help with his studies financially, he had a part time job in a public library and (by coincidence?) someone ordered the very set of records he desired through the library. When they arrived Alan was amazed to see that two sets had been sent but the bill was for one. The spare set he considered to be a gift of providence to him, an impoverished college student, who loved music.

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  1. Good one! Was this story from his book Roots of Coincidence?