Monday, October 12

Identical Twins Meet By Coincidence After 21 Years

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Mistaken identity led George Cain to meet Brent Tremblay, his identical twin brother after being separated for 21 years.

George and Brent met at Carleton University in Ottawa where the other students repeatedly confused them, calling them mirror images of each other,

After becoming good friends, they decided there must be some sort of connection. Blood tests revealed they were long-separated twins.

A lawyer, Garry Watanabe, representing the mother of the twins said, "It's a pretty interesting coincidence, even that they ever met."

When the boys were infants their mother, Laura Cain, temporarily placed her twins in foster care,when she had some difficulties to work through.

Two months later she married the boys' father, Randy Holmes, and asked for her children back. She got one of her babies, George, but incredibly was also given another child, instead of her other twin, she had named Marcus.

Following blood tests it was shown that Marcus was not related to Randy Holmes, and established that Brent and George were in fact the real twins.

Brent was mistakenly adopted and raised by Carol and Jim Tremblay.

The twins must have been fated to meet up again.

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  1. What a bizarre twist of events! Stories that involve twins are always mind-blogging in some way!