Saturday, October 31

The Biggest Coincidence Of All Is That You Are Reading This

Coincidence meeting

Have been pondering a little about coincidences and fate, destiny and all that sort of thing. I didn't reach any final conclusions - I never do, I'm not sure anyone does. But when you think about such aspects of life it does make you realise the fragility of life and the miracle that any of us are here right now. We are one big coincidence.

If you take yesterday's post as an example. Two people met by coincidence, or whatever you may prefer to call it. As a consequence they went on to marry and have six children, 15 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. If they hadn't have met that's 32 people who would never have been born - and hundreds, maybe thousands, possibly even many more to come in the future

It's the same with any of us if our grand-grand-grand-grand parents had never met, perhaps by accident - and going backwards in time to many, many more levels - then you wouldn't be reading this now and I wouldn't have written this post. We wouldn't be here - or would we?

Are we all just coincidences, fortunate to be here at odds of millions to one against, or is there something deeper behind why we are here at this time?

I won't ramble on, but our brief existence on earth, at this time, is a pretty remarkable coincidence, to say the least. Or maybe not ...

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  1. Yes, and No. Not sure how to answer this ramble. It's an awesome ramble and few are brave enough to take such a journey - and that's why it's awesome.

    Our ancestors didn't ramble, or if the did - didn't see any merit in the ramble. They were on a journey to survive that we have now achieved. It's a global cause in our current existence. Now that we can survive, the next question is - how do we thrive.

  2. Interesting speculations here, Mike. I think that even with our grandparents and great grandparents, there were undercurrents to meeting when and how they did, that hidden order. Terri's question is important: how do we thrive?