Thursday, November 12

An Unexpected Message WW2 Coincidence

St. Paul's from Paternoster Row, London in WW2
St. Paul's from Paternoster Row, London in WW2.  Photo: © Mike Perry
A coincidence from World War II: November, 1940.

One of the war-made coincidences took place in Tuscaloosa. Mrs. Roberts of Holt, a native of England, received an unexpected message from her family in London via a motion picture newsreel.

Mrs. Roberts hadn't heard from her two sisters or any other relatives in England for many months. This caused her some concern, when seeing the news reports of the bombs being dropped on London.

One afternoon, out of the blue, Mrs. Roberts decided to go to a local theatre, something she hadn't done for a long time. She was somewhat amazed and delighted when a newsreel showed her two sisters, several of her cousins and an uncle, in a London air raid shelter. One of the sisters even sent her a message saying, "Hello. We are all well and happy here, and where Mr. Hitler can't get us."

Mrs. Roberts had not actually seen her relatives since she moved to the USA in 1920 following her marriage to a US citizen.

Story source: The Tuscaloosa News.

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