Friday, November 13

The Spooky Ring That Keeps Disappearing

A while back I published a few posts about wedding rings appearing and disappearing. See The Mystery Of Wedding Rings Which Disappear And Reappear, The Ring Which Disappeared And Then Reappeared and also another incident, which happened to my wife: 333 And A Paranormal Ring Or Perhaps Not.

Here's another similar experience, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

"I have just awoken to a dropping sound and noticed my wedding ring was not on my finger. I found it on the floor. I also felt very out of breath, which is uncommon for me. I don't have asthma or anything.

Twice recently my wedding ring has been found on the floor in the morning by my kids. The ring is a tight fit and I can't see how it can just fall off.

My wife thinks there is no logical explanation and that it must be something paranormal happening.

Last year I also lost my ring. After a few months it turned up in a pocket of some shorts. I had been swimming in the sea and worn these shorts numerous times and not noticed anything in the pockets.

Bit spooked. I'd like to know if something or someone is trying to tell me something.

Any ideas?"

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  1. This had happened to me, too, but not with rings, with other objects. My husband and I now joke that there is a black hole that moves around our house, swallowing things.