Tuesday, November 10

Near Miss Coincidences - When Fate Lets Us Down

Near miss coincidence

I've published a lot of coincidence or synchronicity stories, some being more impressive than others - what about the near misses.

By this I mean situations where a coincidence could/should have happened but somehow didn't quite materialise.

For example. The last time my wife was in Germany, visiting her brother, she contacted a cousin and paid her a visit. At the cousin's house purely by chance was also another cousin - who my wife hadn't seen for over twenty years.

On talking to this other cousin they got onto the subject of travel and holidays and she mentioned how she had been to the Canary Islands that year. My wife told her that we had also been to the Canary Islands that year.

They then compared notes. It seems we - my wife and I - were in the islands at exactly the same time as this cousin, but there was more to it than this.

We were actually in hotels next to each other, at the same time, and visited many similar places, probably on the same days. The cousin even had a drink or two in our hotel bar.

Somehow though we never all met up. So this was a near miss coincidence.

Another near miss example. Before we ever met my wife and I could have contacted each other much earlier than we did. When I was in my first ever job I worked in Uxbridge. At that time my wife actually lived in Uxbridge - which was remarkable, as she was born in north Germany.

But we never met. Perhaps the time wasn't right.

Something similar happened to my blogging friends Trish and Rob MacGregor. They are from the USA, but after they had met they discovered that they had both been in Edinburgh, Scotland the very same week in July 1975!

I suppose similar coincidence near misses may be happening to all of us and we simply aren't aware of them. If only we had been a couple of minutes later or taken a different route and so on, then who knows what we may have experienced.

Or perhaps there's a proper time and place for everything.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mike! I never thought of these as near coincidences, but they certainly seem to be. Interesting about you and your wife, how it parallels what happened...or didn't happen! - to Rob and me.

  2. Ed and I met in college but were amazed we hadn't met earlier as we grew up three miles apart and attended a lot of the same grade school events. In high school I participated in concerts and plays with his friends and cousins. When we finally met, we had heard about the other enough to - well - I still count it as one of my most embarrassing moments. And after all those near misses for a decade, once we met he appeared every time I turned around. :D