Monday, December 28

The Lottery Coincidences

Lottery balls

We weren't talking about coincidences but a friend's story turned out to be one - or maybe that should be two or three.

Anyway, the subject was the lottery and - I'll call him Andy, He said he met someone who had won £120,000  and, at that precise time, he'd never met anyone who had actually won a decent amount on the lottery until, that is, an hour later.

He returned to his place of work and saw one of his female assistants in tears. He, of course, asked her what was wrong.

"I've just found out my husband has just won over £2,000,000 on the lottery," she explained.

"Wow, that's nothing to cry about," he said.

"It is," she answered, "I left him two weeks ago!"

It's not quite as sad as that may sound. It turned out afterwards that, as she was still legally married to him when he won, half was hers under a separation settlement.

But continuing with Andy. After hearing all this, he thought he'd better buy a lottery ticket himself. When he did occasionally buy a ticket he always included family birthday dates and his age.

Leaving the shop he noticed he had entered the wrong number for his age by one year, so he went back and bought another ticket with his correct age. And, yes, he was a winner!

Okay, only a small winner. He won £25 on each ticket, so had a small win of £50, But if he hadn't have entered his age wrongly, on the first entry, he'd have only won £25. (His age number never came up.)

Nothing too dramatic in all of that, but it's interesting how once we start talking about something or other we seem to get several associated events. A bit like if someone mentions a car in conversation, you then tend to see that particular make of car over and over.

I suppose the message is: think about what you want and it'll pop up all over the place (perhaps!)

Lottery winner humour

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  1. I love lottery stories! Whether you win big or small, synchros seem to abound!