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10 Coincidences About The First Seven USA Presidents

The White House lawn
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Here are ten coincidences I discovered from the Boston Transcript of 1855, about the first seven Presidents of the United States i.e. Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Jackson. Not sure how good the coincidences are, but this is what was recorded at the time:

George Washinton
First Coincidence: Four of the seven were from the same state (Virginia).

Second: Two others bearing the same name (Adams) were from the same state,

Third: The remaining of the seven (Jackson), being particularly tenacious of his opinions and ways came very properly from Tennessee.

Fourth: All of them, except one, were sixty-six years of age on retiring from office.

Fifth: All these last mentioned served two terms.

Sixth: The one who served one term only, had he served two terms would have been sixty-six on retiring,

Seventh: Three of the seven men died on July 4, and two of them on the same day and year.

Eighth: Only one of the seven had a son, and that son was one of the seven Presidents.

Ninth: Two of them were of the subcommittee of three that drafted the Declaration of Independence, and which happened just half a century from the day of declaration.

Tenth: In respect to the names of all, it may be said in conclusion, that the initials of two of the seven were the same - and the initials of still two others were the same. But one who stands alone in this particular, stands alone also in the admiration and love of his countrymen and of the civilised world - Washington.

That's it!

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  1. Good ones! This should be taught in elementary schools in the U.S., an introduction to synchros!

  2. Some of this is not much of a coincidence. The Adamses were cousins, and Virginia was one of the first colonies in the US of the original 13. It would make sense that most of the first presidents were from there. They would naturally be older men as they had lived through the revolution, and being adults were involved in it.