Saturday, February 6

Voices From The Dead

life after death

Following on from yesterday's post, here is another story, from Pam James, about hearing the voice of someone who has died. Again, is it fact or imagination at an emotional time?

Five days before Christmas 1993, my mum, aged 80, was admitted to hospital for investigations.

She told me she had discussed which hymns she wanted at her funeral with my sister.

I was quite indignant, but found myself saying that if she did go and there was 'another side', would she please come back and give me a sign. Sadly, on Christmas Eve, she died unexpectedly and we were called to the hospital.

Eventually we were given a cup of tea and I looked out of the window and thought what lovely weather it was. Suddenly, my mum shouted out: "I'm all right, I'm all right!" I put my hand to my throat as my heart was thumping so fast and hard.

However, what really surprised me was that the four other people in the room had not reacted and therefore heard nothing.

I think myself fortunate that I asked for a sign that day - I have no doubts that we survive death,

~ Pam James

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  1. Love this story!

    1. Thanks Trish for all your comments.

  2. Hi Mike. I seem to be an irregular with my comments, though many times I feel "lead to return, post-haste.

    This story does not surprise me. Last night I had a dream and in it I called home. My Mom answered, and asked if I needed a ride home?

    In this dream my car has been taken and I'm stranded... so "yes, I need a ride."

    The mind is a strange place. I had been thinking to get a new car, and really wished I could ask her advice. THAT voice I heard, in the dream was definitely her!

    By the way, my car isn't actually missing, but my hart was missing her, (smile).