Friday, February 26

Coincidences That Told Them They Would Be Lottery Winners

Lottery winners car

Here's a coincidence story that made me laugh. It was in the Daily Mail newspaper dated February, 24th and was from Colin Brown of Surrey, England.

Some years ago, when the National Lottery [UK] had just started, my wife and I decided to have a short break in Scotland.

We left London on the first leg of the journey and got on the motorway going north. After driving a few miles, we were idly chatting about what we would do in the next few days. My wife, with a smile, said that in the paper that morning her stars foretold of much luck coming soon.

"The usual rubbish," I replied - before asking what mine had predicted. Apparently an opportunity would arise and I must take it. How many times have we heard that?

Suddenly a very large lorry appeared in my rear-view mirror. He was going faster than me and was obviously going to overtake us. No problem.

Eddie Stobart lorry
As he drew level we saw that it was an Eddie Stobart lorry and, as was the norm, he had a lady's name painted on the side of the cab. It was 'Marina', my wife's name. How about that, we both thought.

But, as he drew away from us, the car following him overtook us as well.

"Look!" my wife shouted.

"What's wrong?" I said, thinking something bad had happened. "Look at his number plate." she urged. I looked. The letters were CJB - my initials!

We looked at one another, incredulous. What were the chances of that happening?

Car Licence Plate
Straight away I said to my wife, "We can't just ignore this, and as soon as we reach the hotel, I'm going to buy us a Lottery ticket each."

We arrived and I did, and do you know what?

To our amazement we didn't win a b****y thing!

~ Colin Brown

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  1. Well, win or not, what a great synchronicity! What are the odds?!

  2. Just a coincidence. The odds a long still there to many variables in this "equation". It has nothing to do with the odds of winning the lottery and can be viewed just a good sign or something. Check out Icelotto review, and find the odds for different lotto games.