Wednesday, February 24

A Dream Saved Their Lives From A Volcanic Eruption

Mt Pelรฉe
Mt Pelee
Early in 1902, an American tourist in St.Pierre, on the island of Martinique in the West Indies had a terrifying dream.

Mt Pelee eruption 1902
Mrs C.M Craig of New York City has a dream in which she saw her husband and brother, who were on vacation with her, standing in a rain of fire which seemed to be coming from a black cloud over Mt. Pelee.

In the dream, she saw the men killed by some half-crazed natives seeking shelter from the fire.

When she awoke, Mrs Craig told her husband and brother about the dream. They laughed. But she insisted the dream had spoiled her vacation and suggested they leave St Pierre at once.

They finally gave in. The Craigs left for New York in mid-April. It was during the early morning of May 8th that Mt Pelee erupted, killing about 40,000 persons and turning St Pierre into a lifeless city.

There was only one temporary survivor - although he eventually died of burns. He was Auguste Ciparis, a drunk and thief, who was the sole occupant of the jail's underground solitary cell.

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  1. I often wonder how many people have survived because of a warning dream. This one is fascinating!