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Twins Reunited By Coincidence After 32 Years

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Over the years I have published various stories of twins being reunited by a coincidence. Here is another one I came across yesterday.

Paramus N.J: Identical twins who were separated at birth both grew up to become volunteer firefighters in New Jersey - a coincidence that led to their reunion nearly 32 years later.

Five days after their birth at a Bronx, NY, hospital, Mark Newman and Gerald Levy were adopted by different parents.

They grew up 30 kilometres from each other, played high school basketball, became avid hunters and fishermen, and took jobs in landscaping and then in safety installation services.

Both have grown handlebar moustaches in the summer and beards in the winter, Each has developed the same bald spot.

The twins even attended the same firefighters convention in southern New Jersey, but missed each other.

It wasn't until another convention, that a friend of Newman's saw Levey, noticed the resemblance between the two and brought them together.

The twins, both fire captains, were introduced, shook hands, but nothing else happened. After a few minutes, a friend Jim Tedesco told Newman, "Look at Jerry, doesn't he look like someone you know?"

"I thought to myself: he wears glasses like me, he's got a nose like me," recalled Newman. "Then he took off his hat."

The same bald spot did the convincing!

After the reunion, Levey called his parents to confirm he had a twin, and the men have seen each other just about every week since.

Newman said he believes that although there are many things he doesn't know about his twin, "I really don't have to get to know him. He's me and I'm him."

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  1. Love these twin stories. Sounds like these 2 were destined to meet!