Wednesday, February 3

World War II Aircraft Engine Coincidence

Wright Duplex Cyclone aircraft engine
Wright Duplex Cyclone engine
A coincidence story from Dennis Parratt from World War II

In 1946 I was stationed at RAF St Thomas Mount, Madras and had to visit Avadi MU (Maintenance Unit). It was one of the biggest supply depots in the then British Empire and held equipment for all three services to be used in the planned invasion of Singapore (that due to the atomic bomb being dropped on Japan never took place).

White there, I went into a mess for a meal and, out of the thousands of personnel, found myself sitting next to a Taffy Jones who I had known in the UK at Stafford MU.

I asked him what he was doing in Madras, and he told me that at Stafford two years earlier, he was crating up Wright Duplex Cyclone aircraft engines for the Far East.

He had only recently arrived in India and - would you believe it - he was unpacking those same engines and smashing up them under drop hammers.

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