Thursday, February 4

Coincidence: The Bell That Broke On The Duke Of Wellington's Death

Dangan Castle
Dangan Castle
A coincidence I came across regarding the Duke of Wellington, (1769-1852) British Prime Minister in the 1830s. The original newspaper cutting is shown below.

Duke of Wellington
On the death of the Duke of Wellington the bells of Trim, near Dangan Castle, his father's seat in Ireland, for which, when a young man, Wellington had sat in the Irish Parliament, rang a muffled peal, when the tenor, a beautifully toned bell, suddenly broke.

It was found by a curious coincidence to have been cast in 1769, the year of the Duke's birth.

Newspaper cutting from 1879 about Duke of Wellington
Original newspaper cutting
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  1. Good one! I'm always surprised on how many older newspapers wrote about coincidences.