Saturday, March 19

Batteries Re-Charged At Glastonbury

Old solid door of an 1890 Sunday School

We have just got back from spending some time in the Somerset village of Wookey Hole. One of the reasons we chose this was because it was near Glastonbury and also Wells (England's smallest city). A good place to charge the batteries - physical and spiritual :-)

We arrived a little early, so had to wait before we could pick up the key to our accommodation - an old Sunday School (1890) conversion.

Somerset bus
We wandered through the village and I was wondering if we had chosen the right place to stay. Then I saw that the local bus - which ends it's run at Wookey Hole Village - had the number '67' - 67 obviously has links to my blog name. "Ah, a good omen," I thought.

We walked a little further and a brewery lorry pulled up outside the local village pub and hotel. The lorry was delivering 'St.Austell' beer. The actual brewery is in Cornwall, near to where I live - so a home from home. Another omen perhaps, or even a second coincidence.

St.Austell brewery lorry
After a short while it was time to collect the key to our accommodation. The first room, strangely, nearest the main entrance was the bathroom. On the inside of the old solid door were two hooks, originally taken from when it was once a Sunday School. Each had a number: 33 and 61. I immediately realised that 3+3= 6 and 6+1=7. So another 67!

So three omens / coincidences that ensured we had the perfect place to stay! More on Glastonbury and Wells to come.

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  1. Quite a few coincidences here Mike. I have a thing about numbers, my family think I'm a bit odd! One thing that occurs very regularly is the times on various digital clocks around the house. At various times in an hour the digital readout will repeat itself IE at 21 minutes past 9pm the readout will say 21:21 and I keep seeing these examples. My son says I look for them but when I switch on the car's ignition to start and the clock lights up with one of these repeat times I don't think so.

    1. That's interesting, David, with me it's the numbers 6 and 7 - they are significant to all sorts of things in my life - and I'm also considered 'odd' by my family because of this.

      I had a car, reg number 76GMP - a little while later I bought a house - number 76, where the road began with a G - and MP are my initials.
      It keeps me amused!

  2. Good synchros, Mike! You definitely got your confirmation. The numbers for me change, depending on what's going on in my life. 11s, 3s, 11:11, 2s...

    1. Thanks Trish. 6 & 7 seem to stay with me.