Thursday, March 10

Telepathy Between Husband And Wife


British author Rosalind Heywood wrote a lot about telepathic communication between herself and her husband. During the 1930s for example, before the telephone was quite so available, if her husband was at his employment - where he wasn't allowed to make outgoing calls - and he wanted to speak to her, he would send a mental image for her to telephone him. This appears to have worked successfully.

Sometimes though the telepathy worked without messages being consciously sent.

During the 1939-45 war her husband was employed by the British War Office and would return in the dark late at night. In her own words:

One November evening my mother and I were sitting quietly together after tea and I broke the silence by saying, "Frank has no torch. I must take him one to the station."

My mother was none too pleased. "He always takes a torch," she protested. "It's absurd to walk all that way in the rain for no reason at all."

I did not want to annoy her yet the conviction that my husband needed a torch to get home in the blackout was strong enough to make me brave her protests - and the weather - and walk to the station.

It was worth it. On getting out of the train he exclaimed spontaneously, "I am glad to see you. My torch gave out as I left the War Office and I wasn't at all looking forward to the long walk in the dark without one."

I do not remember ever having taken such apparently irrational, not to say inconvenient, action when it was needed.

Rosalind Heywood felt that when her husband's thoughts and feelings were not directed towards her she wasn't aware of them, unless they were accompanied by a spurt of emotion. When his thoughts were directed to her, as in the case of when he wanted her to telephone him, less emotional fuel was needed.

It's an interesting subject and I guess a lot of us, who have been with our spouses or partners for a while, do find it easier to exchange thoughts. As for being powered by emotion this rings true in so many cases.

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  1. Telepathy between partners happens a lot, I think. We've been married 32 years and sometimes we don't need to speak at all...he'll say what I'm thinking and vice versa.

  2. I love stories like these! Rob and I have been married 32 years and experience this kind of telepathy frequently.

  3. I think telepathy between spouses is probably more common than we suspect!

  4. My mom and I have done this too. WE got one brother to "call home" from Germany, where he was stationed in the Army.

  5. My mother and I have a deep connection. She developed Alzheimers and lost the ability to use the phone. I was quite sensitive and would drop everything to run down the hallway to her. I would enter her apartment and she would say "Oh thank goodness, I was standing here calling you in my mind!".

    1. Thank you for your interesting comment.