Thursday, March 24

Meeting On The Falkland Islands Coincidence


Here's a quick coincidence example I came across by Gill Merrick from Leicestershire in England.

When my husband was an Army Officer in the Falklands in 1983, he called at a local shop. The woman behind the counter was an expat, originally from a small village in Leicestershire, and had married a retired Army colonel who was now a dentist.

To his astonishment, it was our village, and our eldest daughter was a dental nurse and was getting a lift with the same man to work. When he told her his surname, she said: "My neighbour's daughter married a Geoff Merrick" - my husband's brother! It is a small world.

~ Gill Merrick

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  1. Love it! Synchros like this happen a lot through travel.

    1. Yes, travel does seem to bring about synchros.