Saturday, March 5

Coincidence: 8000 Miles From Home He Found His Father's Friend

Royal Navy Barracks, Singapore
Royal Navy Base Singapore 1945-1971
Here's another coincidence I saw in the Daily Mail, dated the 3rd of March, it's from a Charles Lawson from Hampshire, England.

It is 1966 in the cash office of HMS Terror, the Royal Navy barracks in Singapore.

During a work break, a young sailor recently arrived from the UK mentions that his father, who had been in the Navy, had asked him to look out for a friend in the service with whom he had lost touch.

The young sailor gives some information about his father, at which point the chief petty officer in charge of the office asks him a few questions. On confirmation of the answers, the young sailor is told his father's friend has been found! He is even told he had, in fact, been bounced on the friend's knee when he was young.

In 1966, the Navy had a large fleet of ships and shore bases positioned throughout the world, but he landed in the one place he needed - 8000 miles away.

~ Charles Lawson

In line with Royal Navy's tradition of naming their respective naval base and dockyard, the accommodation barracks adjacent to the Singapore base became known as HMS Terror (from 1945 to 1971) in honour of HMS Terror, an Erebus-class monitor armed with twin 15-inch guns, which was based at one time in Singapore before the war. Source: Wikipedia

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  1. These types of stories always defy the odd!

    1. Thanks Trish - they certainly do.