Friday, April 8

An Unexpected Coincidence Meeting Many Miles From Home

Weston Turville
An old photo of the village of Weston Turville
Another coincidence about meeting up with someone quite unexpectedly and far from home. This is from Mike Ridley from England.

When World War II broke out, I became and evacuee living away from London with my grandparents in a small village in Buckinghamshire called Weston Turville.

My best mate from day one was a lad named John Taylor.

The war ended, and National Service followed. I was duly conscripted into the RAF and posted to Ismailia in Egypt.

One day, while waiting to go into the AKC cinema run for the Armed Forces and located between the RAF station and the nearby Army barracks. I was tapped on the shoulder by a soldier.

You've guessed it - the same John Taylor!

~ Mike Ridley

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