Monday, April 4

Unbelievable Coincidences - Or Urban Legends

Cowboy with a gun

Here are a couple of coincidences, the sort that seem unbelievable. Maybe they are in the realms of being urban legends - who knows for sure.

Marshall Jeff Packard
We'll start off with a story about Marshall Jeff Packard - a genuine person by all accounts. That's his photo on the right. This is the coincidence:

Marshall Jeff Packard, of Bakersfield, California had a gunfight with a fugitive known as Outlaw Jim McKinney. Packard drew his gun and fired at exactly the same time as McKinney - and each bullet is said to have entered and plugged the other man's gun! Yes, quite coincidence.

Jeff Packard was Marshall at Bakersfield until April 19, 1903.

Moving on swiftly. On Sunday March 22nd, 1807 at 10.30 a,m the English comedian, John Liston, married Miss. Tyrer, an Irish singer, at the Church of St.Martin-in-the Fields, London.  He is quoted as saying, at the time, for everyone to hear, "If I died at this hour, I should die happy." Thirty-nine years later, as the clock struck 10.30 a.m. on Sunday March 22nd, 1846 John Liston died in his wife's arms.

Okay, one more. Sean Connery who, of course, played Ian Flemming's James Bond was stopped for a traffic offence - and the police officer concerned was, yes, James Bond.

Think that'll do for today!

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  1. Good ones! I especially like the Sean Connery synchro!

    1. How true they all are I don't know, but they make me smile!