Friday, April 15

Time Stood Still When I Caught My Wife ....

When time stands still

I posted a photo of an old clock on Google+ which was made way back in 1750. One of the comments I had was from James Faulkner who wrote: "What is time? Who knows."  This immediately stirred a memory about time from a while back:

My wife and I were on a break away and went for a walk. The route details were on a leaflet. It was about five miles through woods and across fields. Sounded fine for a mild, afternoon.

We set off and soon got into our stride, not another soul anywhere to be seen - so perfect for walking and forgetting the rest of the world. For a while the pathway was alongside a small river, which we then had to cross using some stepping stones, and make our way up the side of the valley via some uneven stone steps. A reasonable climb and shouldn't have been any problem.

We were nearly to the top when my wife must have missed the step or slipped on the uneven rocks - whatever - she started to fall backwards. I was a couple of steps behind her ... it was then that time stood still!

Thoughts started flowing through my mind ...

"When Karin hits me I will fall backwards as well ... I'll hit my head on the rocks below. She will land on top of me but will still have a nasty fall ... what should I do for the best ... "

I was working out what to do and the consequences, as my wife was falling backwards so it can only have been a second, if that. I felt my back foot being lowered to the step below and, goodness knows how, I caught her! I didn't fall and neither of us were hurt.

The point is that time did stand still, I can't possibly have had all of those thoughts in a normal, every day, time frame. So, as James said, "What is time?"

We got to the top of the steps and looked down. Karin was shaken and in tears thinking of what might have happened and said words to the effect that our Guardian Angel must have been looking after us. I still can't explain how I caught her.

I've only experienced that sort of thing once. Oh, other than when I was riding a donkey backwards - but that's another story!

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  1. That's a very interesting experience you had there Mike. Similar to when people have a near death experience and say their past life flashes past before their eyes.
    I had quite a serious car accident in 1997 when a car coming towards me lost control on a wet road and couriered across the road straight into me. I saw the whole thing in slow motion, although I think I braked it didn't register with me. The impact seemed to take a lifetime and I never felt a thing.
    My seatbelt saved me but the car was badly damaged.

    1. Thanks David. These sort of happenings are strange - and also fascinating. I've heard of similar experiences to your own, when everything is in slow motion prior to a collision. There seems to be a lot that we don't understand about life.