Saturday, April 16

White Feathers And A Coincidence

White feather

A story from Yvonne which is self explanatory and covers both coincidence and white feathers.

I wanted to say thank you for your posts about white feathers and how they sometimes can help the bereaved.

I had recently lost my sister and was feeling very down. I decided to got for a walk and outside my front door there was a large, almost fluffy white feather. I probably wouldn't have given this any significance but for your blog.

For some reason I felt I should visit my sister's grave. There was a bus stop nearby and as I reached it a bus, which passed by the cemetery, pulled up. I got on so I could visit the grave.

At the cemetery I could see another woman standing near to what seemed to be my sister's grave. It was too soon to have a headstone. The woman turned out to be a childhood friend of my sister and I who I hadn't seen for maybe ten years. She had read of Maggie's death and decided to pay her respects.

That was a big enough coincidence until I noticed that on my sister's grave was another white feather.

I'm not sure if this was a message from my sister but it brought me great comfort as did seeing our friend at the graveside - who I would have missed if I hadn't have decided to get on that particular bus.

Since that day I have seen several more white feathers and they bring a smile to my face.

- Yvonne

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  1. I love these white feather stories! The odds are staggering - the right bus, the right moment, the old friend, the feather!