Monday, May 23

A Curious Coincidence About The Warning Of World War 2

Soldiers of the German Wehrmacht at the border
crossing between Poland and the Free City of Danzig, 1 September 1939
Here's a letter I came across that was sent to The Glasgow Herald on July 17, 1939. It is headed "A Curious Coincidence". (As a side note World War 2 began on the 1st of September 1939.) Here's the letter:

Sirs, It is a well known fact that history has a habit of repeating itself. and curious coincidences do occur. I write to draw attention to the fact that on July 20 to 27 1914, the British Medical Association met in Aberdeen. Before the meetings were over doctors were called away for military service in the Great War [World War 1].

Within a week's time the British Medical Association again meets in Aberdeen - the first since 1914. Does this interesting coincidence presage an approaching Armageddon?

The European situation today is far more dangerous for us than in July 1914. The existence of the British Empire is at stake. Within weeks we could be in a life-and -death struggle with Germany, and no mercy will ever be shown us this time. If the dragon's teeth get a grip of this country, those patriotic men and women who say they cannot give time for National Service, as it interferes with their golf, tennis etc. will sing a different tune, it they sing at all.

Many will regret that Mr Churchill's warning went unheeded for years, that conscription was not introduced last September, and that the Minister of Propaganda, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, was not in being a year ago instead of at the last minute when it seems all too late.

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