Tuesday, May 24

The Fisherman's Coincidence Of All Coincidences

Fishing boat with colourful floats

Here's a mighty strange coincidence in a story from John Henderson, It all begins on a deep-sea fishing boat as it pulled away from the docks at Calabash, N.C. In his own words:

My two brothers and myself were on the boat when another boat came by, and the gentleman next to me remarked, "That sure is a coincidence." The name of the boat was 'Three Brothers'.

The gentleman, pointing to other gentleman with him said, "We're three brothers."

I said, yes, and pointing to my two brothers with me, explained that we were three brothers too.

I introduced him to my older brother, Bill, and he introduced us to his older brother, Bill.

Then I said my youngest brother's name, Bob and he said his younger brother was Bob.

I said I was the middle brother and he said, "Don't tell me. Your name is John." He was the middle brother and his name was John too.

We got talking about our families, and it came out that the wife of John in that family had suffered a stroke. Well, my wife has suffered a stroke. It's almost too much to believe, but honestly, it's a true story. It has to be the coincidence of all coincidences.

~ John Henderson

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