Thursday, May 19

My Mallorca Holiday Coincidences


I have been away for just over two weeks in Mallorca - with no Internet and, yes, it is possible to live without it! Usually when I travel there are a few coincidences, or synchronicity moments but I struggled to notice many this time. There were a few like ...

While reading a soul chilling thriller [well, that's what the cover stated] a new person was introduced to the story and she worked for an estate /property company called Perry-Hayes - my surname being Perry and Hayes being the town where I lived as a child and teenager until I left home. I was a slightly impressed by this 'coincidence'. I then notice that the name first appeared on page 169, so 168 and 169 were open when I read this.

1+6+8=15 and 1+5 = 6
1+6+9=16 and 1+6 = 7

So I have my 'magic number' as in the title of this blog i.e. 67.


The book, by the way was The Stolen Ones by Richard Montanari.

One day while away it started to rain first thing, so after breakfast we waited for the rain to stop. It lasted about 90 minutes. I was thinking of numbers again - see what 'useful' things you can do without the Internet! Anyway, I noticed our room number, 405 added up to 9 and that the name of our hotel also had 9 letters.

We arrived at our hotel on 4/5/2016 - 4+5+2+0+1+6 = 18 and 1+8 =9

So 9's seemed to the number for our holiday. "Ah, but what about the book where I read Perry-Hayes," I wondered. I looked at the ISBN number: 978-0-7515-4928-7 ... added the numbers and they total 72 and 7+2 =9.

I won't bore you with any more examples ... there's probably nothing too significant about any of this but it kept me amused for a little while.

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