Tuesday, August 2

Seeing Or Sensing Dead People: Imagination Or Reality?

Seeing or sensing dead people

A few quickies from my cuttings file where people clain they have experienced seeing someone who has died. Imagination or perhaps a reality?

Four years ago I awoke in a panic about a friend whom I had not seen for some years. He was quite well known and I often thought about him, but never in panic.

I rushed to the computer to discover he had died in the night. I am still amazed by this as I am a sceptical person

~ Katymay

My brother was killed 40 years ago, aged 21, when he took a short cut over the railway line. The following night, I woke up and I saw him as clear as anything, lying on the floor with his back to the sideboard.

~ Perfect 10

During the worst five days of my serious illness, my late father appeared in a recurring dream on five consecutive nights. During the dream we laughed like drains together.

These dreams were very comforting.

My mind was doing what it could to get me through a hard time. Some might say the old boy was helping from the 'other side', but there's no reason why I should believe this.

~ Peter

I guess though it doesn't really matter if it is imagination or reality if it comforts the bereaved.

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  1. I believe some people are connected - literally a part of us, whether alive or dead.

    1. I believe something similar. We have connections with some in this life and beyond.

  2. These stories ring true. I think spirits try to communicate with us frequently, in a variety of ways.