Sunday, July 31

Meeting At The Royal Albert Hall Coincidence

Royal Albert Hall, London
Royal Albert Hall, London
Here's another remarkable coincidence from my cuttings - by Brenda Wood. All of the stars must have been in the right place on the night mentioned!

Four of us - old colleagues now retired - meet once a month.

On one occasion we were discussing a certain lady we had all worked with but none of us could remember her name.

A few weeks later a couple of us went on a weekend trip to London, which included a carol concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Halfway down the motorway my friend Joan suddenly blurted out without any warning: "Gail Trantor!" This was the name of the lady we couldn't remember a few weeks before.

When we were shown to our seats in the stalls we found that, due to leg space restrictions, we were very uncomfortable.

An attendant very kindly reseated us in a box. Looking over the balcony to the box on our left, I saw a lady that looked familiar - could it be Gail Trantor?

We quickly dismissed this as being too ridiculous a coincidence, but a few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. A young girl said, "Excuse me, but my mother in the next box thinks she knows you,"

Yes, amazingly it was Gail, making a fleeting visit to London to see her daughter who lived in London.

Gail now lives in Spain. We could hardly believe it!

~Brenda Wood

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