Thursday, September 8

It's A Small World Coincidence

Cairns, Australia

I came across today's coincidence story in the Daily Mail newspaper on their letters page, it was from a Kat Martin from England. The world seems to be getting smaller!

I was in Cairns, Australia, backpacking with my daughter and we went into an internet cafe.

A young man behind the counter asked me: "Where are you from in England?"

Me: "Portsmouth, you?"

Him: "Portsmouth."

Me: "I live in North End, you?"

Him: "North End."

Me: "My daughter-in-law Jenny [married to Luke, my son and they have a little girl] is about your age, she went to Mayfield School."

Him: "I know Jenny, I went to Mayfield too. She's one of my best friends."

Later that day Jenny emailed me to say, "I hear you've been talking to my friend."

~ Kat Martin

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  1. This one is remarkable! The world really does seem to be getting smaller.