Friday, September 2

Was This The Sixth Sense Or A Coincidence?

Winchelsea Churcg
Winchelsea Church
Is there a so called Sixth Sense? In this experience from my cuttings Colin Polhill acted on an impulse, but why? A coincidence or synchronicty, some sort of message from someone dying, telepathy perhaps ... who knows for sure.

I went to Winchelsea Primary School, on the South Coast [of England], in about 1949. The headmistress at the time was Miss Lilah Christina Smith, who encouraged me in my studies.

I last met Miss Smith in Rye High Street in 1953. I never saw her again. I eventually left the area and moved to Kent.

On June 30, 1983, I suddenly thought of Miss Smith and could not get her out of my mind.

On impulse I drove to Winchelsea, determined to see her. On arrival, I realised that I didn't know where Miss Smith lived and so I went to the Post Office to ask for directions.

The Postmaster asked me if the woman I was seeking was a retired teacher.

When I told him that Miss Smith used to teach me, he explained that she had died that very same day in Hill House Hospital in Rye, East Sussex.

~ Colin Polhill

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  1. Impulses like this often seem to be about synchronicity. It sounds like Colin tuned in!

  2. What a shame they didn't get to talk one last time. But in a way, they did have a final communication.